Flagship VP9 Support: Notes and Discussion

Any formal support for VP9 ?

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Also curious about the status of VP9. There hasn’t been any news for some time.
Is the jitsi team still working on this?

You can see constant updates to this WIP Pull Request:


Thanks @lllmb

For those following my WIP, see also https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-videobridge/pull/1321. (The jmt work is largely done at this point; the remaining work is in finishing up the source projection logic in jvb.)

Once the bridge work is done, we’ll also need client work to determine whether all conference members support receiving VP9 (since Safari, and some mobile clients, don’t), and to determine when it’s advantageous for the client to send VP9 (since it’s a bandwidth/CPU use tradeoff).


Yay !

Much thanks Jonathan

Egarly waiting for this full support for VP9 with fallback for Safari and some low cpu devices.

Thank you for this great work.
Is there a way to follow the client evolution or any time estimation of a release with VP9 support?

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Any update about VP9 support?

Hi there, any further estimation on when VP9 will be merged to master? Thanks! Daryl

In this battle of video conferencing platforms, Vp9 is what required to fight the battle.
Nowadays, people don’t want 3 or 4 participants in a call, they want over 100 in a conference room as this is max capacity for a class.

Please provide VP9 support as soon as possible.