Fixed - How to cancel 8X8 subscription from the billing page

I was just trying the 8X8 ad with a yearly trial after the jitsi call has ended and now, two days later, after chatting with 4(!) customer support agents, they still haven’t canceled my trial.

They insist to call my phone number! Jitsi, what kind of partners did you choose to work with?

I don’t have anyone to help me, the 8X8 team just ended my chats without helping me with such a basic action, “just cancel my plan” I asked…

Is anyone else had this experience with them?

Hi @ilany, sorry for your experience.

Users can cancel subscription from 8x8 Meet Consloe > Billing tab, this will also delete their account.

We are working on improving the support and documentation.

Wow, that’s awesome!

I was looking for this anywhere and I couldn’t find it, all the customer support agents didn’t even know about it and it doesn’t show up on the support website :slight_smile:

Thank you!