Fix Requested - Any participant can kick out meeting host too

Currently, any participant can kick out/mute meeting host as well. Can feature be amended so that -
Atleast host cannot be kicked out/muted by other participants
OR Maybe only host can kick out/mute participants.

On host leaving call, someone else might need to be made host though if only host can kick out/mute participants.

In default deployment the first one to join the call is the moderator and is the only one able to mute/kick. It he leaves a knew random one is assigned.
There is a module that you can enable where all participants will be moderators and this is the case for
In the cases above there is nothing like ‘host’ of the meeting.
You can enable secure domains then the one that authenticates will be ‘host’ and the rest can skip authentication joining the call, but they cannot join till the host arrives, in this case the host should be the only one able to kick/mute.