First jitsi meeting I initiated ended in zoom, alas

Hi everyone! Sorry I have to report this about my first effort to bring people to this medium! I was not able to receive sound on my device via jitsi meet, but it works good with zoom!
I know I don’t match the topic, but it’s just annoying me, that it seems to be so easy using zoom and such a barrier with jitsi, when most people anyway don’t see reasons to change. Makes it much more difficult to me to offer an alternative as well.
But lots of thanks anyway to everyone working on that stuff! I’ll hold on! Thank you!

Do a test on and share your results.

Microphone: yes
Camera: no
Check resolution 320x240: yes
Check resolution 640x480: yes
Check resolution 1280x720: no
Check supported resolutions: yes
Network: yes
Connectivity: !
Relay connectivity: yes
Reflexive connectivity: !
Host connectivity: yes
Throughput: no
Data throughput: yes
Video bandwidth: no

Ok, it shows your mic is detected. When you say you were “not able to receive sound”, do you mean you couldn’t hear the other party or they couldn’t hear you?

Just so you know, Zoom and Jitsi operate a little differently. While you most likely used Zoom’s desktop app to connect, you just as likely used a web browser to connect to Jitsi. This means that you may have different experiences with the different platforms. For instance, if something’s going on with your web browser, it won’t affect zoom, but it may affect Jitsi. The problem in that case then would not be Jitsi, it would be your web browser. Just something for you to note.

But again, clarify what the sound issue is: sending or receiving?

thank you for the introduction.
the issue is that I cannot hear what others say.
they were able to talk, and they also heard me, so must be my device, obviously…

Yes, it’s definitely your device, not Jitsi.

Check to make sure your microphone is enabled on the browser that you used to connect. You can test it on your own now without any other participant. Make sure you select the microphone you want to use, by clicking on the 3 dots on the lower-right corner, going to settings and then selecting the device. Then speak into the mic - you should see some blue dots moving on the top right of your video. Even before then, while in the settings menu, once you select the mic and speak, you should see a blue line moving to show it’s detecting your voice.

I tried two different browsers.
each one is connected to microphone and connection to jitsi allowed.
the test shows an amplitude as you described.
there are differences between the browsers in the settings:
chromium shows microphone and audio output (default and internal), two possibilities for mic, but not the plugged in one (default and internal).
firefox shows no audio output and only one mic (internal).
They are both more specific with the camera.
but, problem was: I didn’t hear others, they heard me good. so mic should have worked.

Ooooh please forgive me! I thought you said they couldn’t hear you, but in fact, you said you couldn’t hear them. My bad. :man_facepalming:t5:

In that case, try checking the audio device instead of mic. Same place. Make sure the right audio device is selected. FWIW, Firefox has generally been a bit slower at catching up, when it comes to Jitsi’s needs, so I would focus more on Chromium, at least till everything is working fine.

chromium gives for both output-devices to choose an ugly sound, but does not list the earphones, when plugged in. though they transmit the ugly sound perfectly.
firefox does not display even an audio output device, neither a test sound is offered.

ok, it works with chromium…
would be good to have firefox available also
But thank you a lot so far!

Firefox, to me, is neither here nor there. Some people have had better luck with it though.
The browser is likely restricting your sound. You’ll need to go through your preferences and make sure there’s nothing there that could be responsible. Also, try clearing your cache and see if that helps.