Firewall rules for users / Jisti meet free

Hello everyone,

I am not sure if this is the right category, but it felt like it fitted the best.

We have a somewhat restrictive Network in our company and one of our colleagues got an invitation to a Jitsi Meeting which looks like:
I assume this is a meeting created with the free version ?

I am able to access the page give permissions to Microphone and Camera, but I am unable to join the meeting and get a connection lost message every 20 seconds or so.

I have searched for atleast an hour to find simple Ports and Destinations to make it work, but all I can find is those instrctuons for self hosted version.
Since this does not seem like a self hosted Jitsi meeting this does not help me at all.

Am I just blind or is this information not publicly available ?
I hoped to see a denied/refused connection through our Firewall live log, but that does not recognize any connections of this kind.

Appreciate any help and thanks in advance.

Maybe grab the js console logs from the browser when this happens and upload it here.

I checked the logs and our Firewall was blocking the WSS connection and since it is 443, which is open, it didn’t show up in the logs.

Thanks for the help it is working now.

Does the participant connect to Internet through an HTTP proxy?
If so, the HTTP proxy can break the wss traffic.