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I’m interested in testing Jitsi Meet from our small office. But some of our workstations are locked down form Internet access. I’m attempting to add a firewall rule to allow access. Pinging I get the IP: Do I need just port 443 opened to this IP to allow for video conferencing and screenshare through Jitsi Meet?

Are there any other ports I need to have opened and any other IP’s?

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide me.

That will not work, as that ip rotates. You need to also allow all traffic to udp 10000, these are the videobridges which also rotate.

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Thanks very much @damencho for this reply. I’ve done a bit more research and found I can allow access to host in my firewall rule for port 443. This should cover the ip rotation.

Would the same hostname be used for port 10000/UDP?

Thank you.

Nope all ip addresses for web and bridges rotate.

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But wouldn’t using host cover all rotating IP addresses?

Nope, behind are the addresses you will use for signalling, but bridges come as an ip-address later from jicofo signalling.

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Is there a hostname I can use in my firewall rules to cover the IP addresses that could be used from jicofo signaling or bridge?

I can’t be the first person asking for the hostname and ports to allow through a firewall when using jitsi? :grinning:

Nope, sorry there is no such optionn for This is normally a requirement for corporate networks and this is available for deployment.