Firewall Issues

I got Jitsi Meet working with bad video quality, but I had do deactivate my firewall to test it.
I opened the ports UDP:10000 and TCP:443. I’m running Jitsi Meet with Docker on an Ubuntu 22.04 LTS-server with Plesk Obsidian. It only works with my firewall deactivated. Do I have to open another port?
With my firewall acticated, Nginx says 502 - bad gateway.

If you’re getting 502 from nginx with the firewall activated, your firewall is probably blocking the traffic between containers. You connect to nginx on 443, but nginx connects through to Prosody on 5280. Additionally, both Jicofo and JVB connect to Prosody on the standard XMPP port, 5222.

This is all assuming you’re using the official docker-jitsi-meet setup. You can see the ports in the docker-compose.yml.