Firewall configuration: Wich ports should i open for coturn ?, Should i open 4443 port for jvb?


In the quick install tuto, the listed ports to open are tcp 80 for http, tcp 443 for https and udp 10000 for video bridge.

In the manual install network description, another port is given for jvb: 4443 (udp ? tcp ? both ?).
Do i have to open it on the firewall ?
The “netstat -paunt | grep -e java” command show that jvb is not listening on that port but on ports udp 5000 udp6 5000 and tcp6 8888.

In the manual install network description, there is neither turn server nor nginx demultiplexing 443 use between http frontend and turn server.
I have managed to make this working on IPv6 only but i don’t want to make the same thing for Ipv4 as it is breaks my country blocking rules. The reason is it is impossible to correct the header in a nginx stream proxy_pass, the client real IP is not sent back even in extra header vars.

Since i have made the multiplexing proxy working, i deleted the A dns record and keep only the AAAA one.

For witch cases do i need coturn server and on witch ports it will have to listen to externaly ?

My jitsi server only listen on IPv6 (for the reason given above), but the LTE provider for my mobile phone is using NAT for both IPv4 and IPv6 (i get only FE80::xxx and 192.168.x.x address), so my phone need to know its external addresses both for IPv4 and IPv6.

I think this is the main reason why many users complains about having no sound and no video from LTE.

If i need a turnserver, how do i test it ?

I think a tool that can catch server side issue would be a big help for many peoples.

Could the network description could be improved or updated ?