Firefox vs Chrome for video/audio streaming


I installed the latest stable jitsi-meet on ubuntu.
I have two Google Chrome clients connecting to it within a LAN (no NAT issues). Everything seems to work fine (audio, video, chat, screen sharing).
I then used two Firefox clients within the same LAN, but this time only the chat works (no audio, no video, no screen sharing).
Of course, Firefox asks for MIC and camera permissions, and they are granted.

It’s not clear to me if jitsi-meet supports Firefox or simply prefers Chrome (according to several posts I’ve read, it seems to favor Chrome. If Firefox is partially supported, I’m sure audio must be.
So, how can I debug this?
The Firefox Console (F12) doesn’t seem to alert me of much when I try to disable/re-enable video.
Should I try the unstable jitsi-meet branch?


There are problems with FF that sometimes there is no audio or video and you need to reload, sometimes several times … Soon FF experience will be better, as we are updating it and bringing and simulcast …