[firefox] reconnecting in a loop

I had this reconnecting behavior in firefox.
like these:

Now it looks like the current version of jitsi-meet from git works for me.
I installed “jitsi-meet 2.0.4468-1” the quick-install way but then I got the reconnecting behavior. Cloning the git repo and building jitsi-meet fixed that weird behavior.
So now using firefox 68.7.0 and jitsi-meet from git (commit 9bdaea406959ed1521f55a80b3f7ac78405f75b6) it works for me.
Well at the moment I disabled p2p, did not try it with p2p enabled.

Looks like the reconnecting in a loop behavior can be caused by different reasons. Cause it worked for me in chrome but did not in firefox, seeing some people having this behavior in chrome.

My last error when it did not work was:

<_onConferenceFailed>: CONFERENCE FAILED: conference.offerAnswerFailed DOMException: "Changing the number of m-sections is not allowed"

As I can use firefox now, I found some bugs/misbehavior:

  • image of shared screen is not centered but aligned to the left side of the firefox window
  • when stopping screen sharing, watching participant can still see the last image from the screen sharing