Firefox keeps crashing, reloading every five seconds or so

Fair enough.

I guess I’ll take that to mean that whatever change was made three weeks ago that makes the older versions of Chrome/ium crash immediately is never going to be fixed. That’s also fair, and it is good for me to know to not waste my time or yours hunting down bugs for extended support browsers.

Jitsi Meet used to be the one video conferencing system that worked no matter what browser you had. Jitsi Meet was working way back before Zoom got their WebRTC act together. It’s been working with my crusty browsers for a very long time, up until recently.

I still love it because it is not proprietary, but I am disappointed.

I can’t speak for Jitsi. If the bug is reported, easy to reproduce, and can be fixed without any impact on more widely used browser versions, it might well be fixed. On the other hand, although I haven’t seen a published policy about how long old browser versions are supported for, given the tiny share Chromium 90 has, it wouldn’t surprise me if maintaining support for it was a very low priority.

Jitsi Meet used to be the one video conferencing system that worked no matter what browser you had.

This is just impossible in general. Every browser release has different quirks/bugs, especially with WebRTC. No project could possibly maintain workarounds for all of those in perpetuity — the codebase would become completely unmaintainable. You have to have some cutoff of support, otherwise you end up spending all your time on accrued technical debt. It would be nice if that cutoff of support was well-defined and documented though.

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I’m guessing that it is the “Plan B” thing I heard about in the paragraph below. :wink:

Thank you for letting me know. I was already guessing that it was low priority, which is why I simply switched to Firefox instead of filing a bug for Chromium.

Yes, I am running the latest stable release of Debian GNU/Linux which, by definition, is going to have older versions of software. Perhaps this sounds like heresy to you, but I have fewer problems now than when I was constantly updating and every new browser release had new features and new bugs.

I have no idea what those things are, but I am guessing it has something to do with why Chromium keeps saying, “Oh Snap!” If this is a known issue that is not fixable, why not pop up a message on older browsers saying,

“Look, we don’t want to make you upgrade, but we have to because Plan B from Google is … ack! KLATU BARADA NICTU! Click here if you want to continue to Jitsi Meet, but if space aliens crash your browser, don’t blame us!”

That way folks like me won’t presume that Jitsi is at fault for suddenly blowing everything up.

Yeesh. That jumped to “disingenuous, at best” rather fast, no? Haven’t you heard of Hanlon’s Razor?

“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

In this case, let’s please refer to it as “ignorance” instead of stupidity. It seems hardly reasonable to expect people who come to the users forum to know the inside baseball of what’s going on with browsers.

Thank you for explaining it to me. I had been thinking of it as simply not breaking what was already working and (once informed that it was broken) reverting the change. But I see now that I was mistaken.

LOL… I think you ask for too much, buddy. There are a ton of things that could go wrong at any time, it’s not the most judicious use of time to create an error message for each and every one of them. If I try to view a website that uses more recent technology on my 1st generation iPad for instance, I don’t get any error message per say, it just doesn’t work. All that to say it’s impossible to meet this demand for a customized error message for each and every issue that a person runs into - especially when they’re not meeting the minimum requirements for access and operability.

I don’t like to term people’s views as “ignorant” and I’m even less inclined to label someone as “stupid”. It is certainly understandable that we all may not be quite as knowledgable about certain things in certain domains, but what I find a bit unsettling is when someone speaks authoritatively and with certainty about something they’re in fact uncertain or unknowledgeable about. Your earlier assertions that Jitsi ‘breaks things’ is disturbing (I actually want to say “offensive”) and the fact that even with initial explanations, you chose to dig in made me wonder if you were just choosing willful ignorance (again I don’t like to judge people’s stance as this) over explained facts.

Anyway, hope the information shared gives you better context. The team does an incredible job (I know you agree with this) and the least we can do is to encourage their efforts (yes, this includes providing useful feedback, even if it’s about negative observations - but it should be done without assertive assumptions). Just my opinion…

I really don’t want to stir up something.
I just wanted to know: what’s the situation with Firefox? I installed the esr version and that didn’t change anything. So I reinstalled my regular Firefox back.
I can install a chromium on my machine, if I have a chance of running it on there, but I’m not so sure if that is a solution, reading up this thread here. What’s the situation there?
I love jitsi, but it really doesn’t work at the time and I need a reliable solution for my work. I’d hate to get back to Google meet,…
Any suggestions are appreciated

Latest Firefox works well. The next Firefox release (96) contains a major WebRTC update which will hopefully be a big improvement too (but probably also introduces some bugs…)

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Hi Freddie, do you have any update on this? I’m using FF and since yesterday meetings keep crashing… (sometimes the page goes completely white and the reloads).
I’m using FF 92, and new version looks like is the 94… I don’t want to make things worst by updating…
Thanks for your help!

Freddie, are you officially affiliated with the Jitsi project? Why is it so important to you to dismiss the problems users are having with Jitsi as being due to their own mistakes? Your insistence on incorporating “blame” into the conversation has not been helpful.

I started this thread because I saw that Jitsi Meet was not working and I wanted to be part of the solution. I’ve been willing to do what I can by reporting problems and offering suggestions. In the past, I have had pleasant interactions with the folks on this forum. I hope that this latest conversation is not an indication of the future direction of the project.

Freddie, I believe that you genuinely think you are helping Jitsi with your forum posts. If you have any interest in introspection and understanding why that may not be the case, please send me a private message and we can discuss it.

@beninseattle Considering the blessing that Jitsi has been to me (and to others), I think it would be remiss of me not to speak up when there’s a mischaracterization of the project - or the efforts of those directly behind the project. Am I passionate about Jitsi and the developers? Heck, yeah! And I believe everyone who’s been a beneficiary of their generosity should be too. However, this isn’t about me, but since you want to make it personal, I’ll indulge you…

Starting the post is not the problem, making a firm assertion that’s baseless and unsupported by facts is. You raised an issue, the responsible parties immediately went to work. They even advised that this was something triggered by Firefox. But they went to work anyway to try and work around the issue while the Mozilla team works on providing a definitive fix. But none of that seemed to be good enough for you. Instead, you came with your highly offensive and inaccurate assessment - “…it has been so unstable lately”. Even though you had been provided the facts, you had the attention of the frontline devs, you had people actively working on the issue AND providing updates on their efforts, you still felt a need to dismiss all that and end up with a discouraging assessment of their work.

You didn’t have the requisite knowledge to come to the conclusion that you were pushing. But it didn’t matter, you dug your heels in anyway, even when this much was pointed out. And not until you were hammered with facts after facts and reason after reason did you submit that you didn’t really know what you were talking about. And rather than bow out gracefully, you decided to turn this into a personal matter. But no worries, I have time.

The problem with allowing inaccurate statements like the ones you’ve been pandering to fester is that they are damaging - not just to the psyche of the developers, but to the reputation of the project. You make these baseless unfounded claims about ‘issues’ that have persisted and have purportedly been ignored by the team. All the while, you were the one using obsolete software to run cutting-edge technology. Per your assessment, the team should always make sure Jitsi works with any and every iteration of browsers, no matter how outdated they are. In my colloquialism, where they do that at?

Making baseless claims is NOT being “part of the solution”. Ignoring the facts in favor of your impassioned mischaracterization is NOT “part of the solution”. And making it personal, is definitely NOT part of the solution.

Naw, I’m good. I don’t need any private messages with you. My interest is what it is here - there’s nothing hidden about it. If there’s need for introspection, it honestly should be for you. The fact that you STILL can’t see how wrong you are tells everything there needs to be told. I’m not Jitsi, I’m not 8x8, I’m not employed by any of those entities. I’m a regular user just like almost everyone else here. But silence in the face of truth is what allows atrocities to thrive in the world. The team may not even necessarily agree with me, but that doesn’t change my belief. I’m just one voice in this multitude of voices; I don’t determine the direction of the project.

@Browns It appears something is going on with Firefox and it’s being looked at. I believe this post gives detailed explanation:

If in doubt, always use the latest version. Generally more bugs get fixed than get added.

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I am running FF94 (ubuntu), and nothing crashes over here.

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Strange. Let’s see if we can narrow down how your system is different.

I think we can rule out Firefox version, Rafa. You’ve tried the rapid release and Keith Bayer confirmed that FF94 works with ubuntu. You’ve tried the extended support release, and I personally have Firefox ESR-78 open to a room that’s been working for over 100 hours.

Are the following statements all true?

  1. You are using, not a private server.
  2. Like the rest of us, Jitsi Meet was working for you until the ICE changes.
  3. It abruptly changed behavior around November 10th.

Additionally, you are experiencing one of the following:

  1. You are able to create a new room, but as soon as someone else joins, it starts reloading the page. (My initial bug description).
  2. Firefox does not send or receive any video from other participants, unless you use or (Bug description from Izak)

[By the way, @izakgl, did the ICE fixes that rolled out on November 11th fix your Firefox problem on Windows or was that a separate bug?]

Rafa: are you able to try connecting from a different location? I’m wondering if it may be a different ICE bug that only manifests on Firefox when behind certain NAT routers. Also, maybe give those alpha and beta jitsi servers a shot and see if they work any differently for you.

Yes, that seemed to be a different symptom of the same bug. It was fixed after the update.

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Hi Ben,

I downloaded the esr you said, but wasn’t able to install it. The websites I consulted in how to install it didn’t help, the folder had no configure file, so the instructions didn’t work.

Then I followed the instruction in a Youtube ideo and istaled the ESR over the command line (deinstall firefox, add repositories, then apt-get install firefox-esr. I assume it should be the same browser you’re talking of. But it didn’t work in that browser either, for me.

  1. Yes, I use the online version

  2. I’m not sure bout the ICE, and I wouldn’t know how to find out, but see the next point

  3. Yes, exactly

  4. absolutely

  5. I’m not sure about alpha and beta and don’t know how to find out.

I hope that helped


PS. I have it running on Chromium, that seems to work.

Another information that might help: I set up rooms for my students and put the invites in the calendar invites, we always used the same invites. The problem started with the older, already used rooms. In the beginning I was able to create a new one and give the student that room, and that would have a good chance of working. Until that stopped working, too

Oops, I guess I wasn’t clear. I meant to say, I do not think the version of Firefox is the issue, so you might as well just stick with the latest Firefox. Sorry to send you on a wild goose chase!

That is peculiar that switching rooms had a chance of fixing the problem (temporarily). Did that start on November 10th, when the ICES changes rolled out? Or was it happening before? I do not understand how that behavior fits with ICES, but there is a lot I do not know.

It might be useful to know if Jitsi works with Firefox when you connect to the Internet a different way. For example, if your computer is a laptop, you could try the WiFi in a coffee shop. If it works, I would suspect the ICES change and if it doesn’t I would wonder if maybe it is a different bug from the one reported here.

On the other hand, since Chromium works for you, it may be simplest for you to just use that instead of trying to track down this bug.

@drno: it sounds like there may be a remaining issue with ICES and Firefox (of any version) but it only occurs for some people. Would it be helpful for people who are experiencing that to let you know if the bug still occurs when they use or instead of

I was able to repro some kind of ICE issue for one specific scenario on yesterday: when I started a meeting with Firefox and then joined with Chrome Firefox would not show any video. The console log showed ICE errors instead. And after a few seconds Firefox would attempt to rejoin the conference. And the whole thing started over again.

Unfortunately right now the problem no longer reproduces for me. I’ll try to have a look again some time next week.

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I am reproducing the error still. with Firefox 94.0 on Ubuntu-based system. And I had reports from others of the error on other systems with Firefox.

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So after some digging we found out that the new (broken) setting which rolled out on on Nov 10 and rolled back the next day, got accidentally turned on again on a few of our servers. From a users perspective the failures probably appeared to be pretty random, because if they happened or not depended on which server got selected for your call.

We turned the setting off in one group of servers where we found it. So hopefully it should now work with Firefox again.

If you still run into this specific issue (not being able to join a room; seeing the room reloading several times; noticing ICE failures on the console) on any call with Firefox it would be super helpful if you could open ‘about:webrtc’ in a new tab. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page to the ’ Connection Log’ section and click on the ‘show log’. In that log if you find:

Error parsing attribute: candidate:2 1 udp 1694498815 10000 typ srflx generation 0

That indicates that we still have a server with the wrong configuration.

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