Firefox Issue (Video resolution no compatible)

I had my Jitsi server working normally, but as of today (without having made any changes) The camera in Firefox does not work, the browser indicates that the resolution of my camera is not compatible, but this does not happen in Chrome.

I have restarted the services and the problem persists, I also restarted the server and the problem persists.

I commented on the configuration file where I define the camera resolution but the problem persists.

Any ideas to solve it?

This is my config file (commented)

    /*constraints: {
     video: {
         aspectRatio: 16 / 9,
         height: {
             ideal: 240,
             max: 240,
             min: 240
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I don’t have a jitsi server, I’m using another public instance, but I have this same issue with Firefox as of April 14th, but I can use in Chrome just fine

Please all, use Chrome, Firefor doesn’t support multiple streams so impact high on servers.