Firefox insufficient bandwidth (bwe=-1 bps)

Im jusing Jitsi Docker stable-8044 and everything is working fine for Chrome based clients. However when using Firefox on mobile there is no video, or sometimes video of low quality for a couple of seconds before a black screen and the text “Video for … has been turned of to save bandwidth”. Audio stills works fine.

The same devices work fine when using Chrome. Both client and server are on fast networks. And when using Chrome the bitrate is fine and there is a nice crisp 720p image.

The JVB log contains a lot of these:

BandwidthAllocator.allocate#271: Sources suspended due to insufficient bandwidth (bwe=-1 bps): [ad7b1a2e-v0]

And the only warning message in the log is:

MergingDatagramSocket.initializeActive#599: Active socket already initialized.

The same symptoms have also been reported by iPhone/Safari users but I am unable to reproduce it myself.

Disabling the H264 codec seems to have resolved the issue with no video showing for Firefox users.

I now have the following in my .env file:


Firefox still has worse video quality compared to Chrome and Safari and the below message is frequent in the logs:

large jump in sequence numbers detected ...