Firefox error of "Bridge Channel send: no opened channel" with NATted videobridge

When running my videobridge in an OpenVPN subnet, connecting to it from Firefox shows this error in the console once every few seconds:

[modules/RTC/BridgeChannel.js] <_send>: Bridge Channel send: no opened channel. Logger.js:154:22

There are enough threads about this error already, but my situation is a bit curious:

  • Voice/video actually works just fine, despite the error. All required ports are opened, and I’m using the standard ports (10000 UDP, 443 or 4443 TCP, and a turn server listening on its default ports).
  • This error doesn’t happen in Chrome, even when it’s connected to a room with Firefox members. (The error appears in each of the Firefoxes, but not in Chrome.)
  • Sometimes the error stops getting printed after a minute or so.
  • The error doesn’t happen when I run a videobridge in my home network (exposed to the Internet) instead of in my OpenVPN subnet. (Jicofo & prosody still run on the OpenVPN subnet, though.)

Is this maybe an edge case with Firefox?


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I just fixed this issue myself.

For me, it was because I had line #2 in my /etc/jitsi/videobridge/ commented out.

Thanks for sharing this, but it unfortunately doesn’t solve my issue. I already had my own turn server set for that variable (which jvb logs show as working properly), and even when I switch it back to the default of, the problem persists.