Firefox: can't switch input devices in

Say you have two cameras. One internal, and one USB-connected for example. When you access Jitsi, you need to give permission to a cam and a mic. You can see your face fine, it’s working.

But then, you want to use your other cam.

So you go in Settings, there’s a dialog to select devices. Both your cameras are listed there. You click on the other one:

It doesn’t select it. And you stay with the same camera you started with.

For microphones, it’s a little different: if you click on the mic dialog, nothing happens, it doesn’t show you a list. The option is “greyed out”.

I suppose this is worth a github ticket, but I’m not sure which repo it should go in. Pointers?

Apologies for commenting myself, but I’m only allowed one image per post.

Below the console output if anyone’s interested: