Firefox and rpm packages

Back in 2016/17 I used Jitsi packages, more recently, but I
have two questions:


Currently there is a warning with link recommending Chrome or Chromium
as fully supported browsers. This raises two concerns, the first of
which is privacy. Chromium has less spyware, but I do not believe can
be considered secure. And what about Chromium-based browsers? I do use
Vivaldi as a secondary browser because it pays attention to privacy.
Should it and perhaps other Chromium-based browsers be recommended?

Secondary question: Would it not be worth adding something to the FAQs
about differences in browser experiences?

rpm packages

Until reading your current FAQs just now I assumed that the desktop
package was not being maintained at all given that the latest rpm
package dates from 2017. However, I see that there are new deb packages
(although some with changed names). Is there someone in the community
who can create rpm packages as well and perhaps keep the rpm repository

Second question: Having seen the different application name in the deb
repository, I see that the desktop application has been forked. Will
this become the new desktop application? Will it continue to appear in
the Jitsi repositories, or be shifted to another site (beside GitHub
which I suspect will not be something that most users will go to)?

I consider Jitsi a fantastic tool and think it important that it is
open source. With the current lockdown here in Spain and elsewhere and
more and more people working from home, it is important to have good
open source tools and to promote them – or we will all be the victims
of spyware from Google and others.

Thanks for creating a great application.


Better Firefox support is coming in the following weeks.

This is something we tried in the past with Jitsi Desktop and it doesn’t work and we cannot support those.

Not sure what you are talking about.

There is only one Jitsi Desktop and currently, there are no people actively working on it.