Finding out Roomname


I have set up jitsi server in my machine and any no. of particpants should be able to join the conference by entering their roomname, so what I basically require whenever a user joins a room I want to know which room has he joined ,How can this be done ???


If you enable authentication, you can trace this in the jicofo logs (/var/log/jitsi/jicofo.log*). You can script and automate this, make graphs, tables, etc. The other option is to use a service like, they gather and display a lot of information.

If the users are anonymous, it’s very hard to make the connection. Maybe scanning the web server access logs for IP and URL (the later contains the room name) and then associating these with user names (after checking in jicofo.log whether the room was actually joined) – but this would work in a network where you have control over DHCP, for example internal company network, so that you are sure this person uses that IP… And still it’s a bit of a long shot.


But what I wanted to know is that,Is there any api method or any event listener by which we can find that the roomname of the user joined ??/