Finding good servers

Hi, I’m not in a position to setup my own Jitsi server so I depend on the services of others. But I can’t seem to find an address which delivers an even halfway passable connection. I found some (apparently quite old) lists of ‘free servers’ but they all perform poorly or/and have other problems.
So my first question is: what are the experiences of others? Who can use Jitsi as it’s supposed to work? If so, which server do you use?

I am making the assumption that the poor performance is due to the server, not the program nor my laptop. So that’s my second question: am I right?
In fact, I’d think poor performance is only to be expected from a really free service. Or am I wrong? So I am not necessarily looking for something ‘free’. Question: Are there any good commercial services running JitsiMeet (and providing the same privacy) or is it impossible to run such a paid service precisely because of the ‘peer-to-peer’ character of the program? If commercial services exist, can anyone recommend an address or tell me weher to find a list?
Or, alternatively, how can I setup a connection with a quality comparable to Zoom etc.?

Have you tried or

Check out 8x8. It’s Jitsi’s parent company and they have an incredible promo going on right now (99 cents a month)!