Find the file in jitsi github

what file in jitsi meet use config.js and configWhitelist.js? Thank you.

config.js is not referenced directly in the source. It gets injected into index.html by Nginx (see SSI) when a user visits the page, which is why you don’t need to restart services when changing config.js.

The config var defined in config.js is merged at runtime with all the overrides and the final config eventually makes its way into redux store under 'features/base/config'. This is redux state what is usually referenced throughout the app to retrieve config values, not the config.js file.

configWhite.js bundled into the app at build time (which is why you cannot simply change it on your deployment without rebuilding the app), and is used in this module to determine what can be overriden when composing the effective config in redux state.

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what file will use file ‘’ ,?

That’s the same thing.

Look in your nginx config files and search for config.js and you will see what I mean.