Find how many on-going conference in JVB2

With latest JVB2, how to find the number of on-going conferences? In old version, there is a colibri REST API to use, for example curl With latest JVB2, the colibri REST API is gone.



enable it in jvb config opts


My JVB version is,

2020-07-15 18:14:37.325 INFO: [13] AbstractVersionActivator.start#91: VersionService registered: JVB 2.1.202-g5f9377b9

even after I add to /etc/jitsi/videobridge/sip-communicator.propertis, JVB does not listen on 8080 port. says that with default configuration the 8080 port is on.

we need to add the following to /etc/jitsi/videobridge/,