Financial donations

Jitsi has been a life saver for our team when we went remote. Is there a way to donate financially to this project. We want to show our appreciation :heart::shell:


Did you find an answer for this?

No but I’m still keen to donate

Same. This is literally the only thing I can find regarding donations.

We are in the same boat. Would like to contribute somehow.

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@damencho @saghul

Jitsi project is not currently accepting donations at this time.

However if you want to donate I recommend donating to the Free Software Foundation They are the heart of the Free Software movement and provide much of the core product that allows projects like Jitsi to function.


Just to be clear, @Jim does not speak on behalf of the project.

We are currently not taking donations as the logistics around it are complex. This may change in the future but we don’t know at this time.

We are also no endorsing any entity where you should direct your donations.

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Just because its not the official position of the Jitsi Project, doesn’t mean that what I’m saying isn’t true.

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@saghul if you want to share the complications with donating with me, I’d be happy to see if I can help work through the logistics. I really like what you guys have done (and I’m picky with what software I use - I’ve been inventing software for over 25 years, first as a developer now as a product leader), and would like to donate if we switch to instead of zoom, which seems likely to me at this point. I’m an entrepreneur and may be running a not for profit soon… I’m sure you guys have some expenses that donations could help cover, we’d love to help contribute towards them and I’m happy to help w/the logistics if I can.

Thanks for the offer! This is not really in our hands since we are part of 8x8, so the logistics are extra complex. Spreading the word is the best way to help :slight_smile:

I made an account looking for a way to make multiple donations. I understand that from this thread, I am unable to do so. Please, inform me when the ability to donate is made available? I’m aware of community of people that would donate. Regards,

It’d be really nice to get donations so more staff could be added to the Jitsi team to speed up development. Documentation in some places is missing or not very extensive, and considering the current global situation, the more and faster Jitsi can improve the better