I’m wanting to rename my folder and filename after I finish the record, but I didn’t find any instructions about how I can configure the file. The global variables, etc…

Can someone help me with this?

There is a sample script in this post

Thank you @emrah

I wrote my simpliest as possible:

rm -rf $FOLDER

Only for a test.

This is the configuration:

The videos are recording in /srv/jitsi/jibri/recordings, then I putted the file in /srv/jitsi/jibri/.

I readed the log and nothing strange happened, but the folder was not deleted.

Did I do something wrong?

You’re missing FOLDER=$1 to assign the FOLDER variable to the first argument.

Hi @bbaldino

And the right place for /config/ is /jitsi/jibri?

The finalize script can go wherever you want. Just configure the path to the script in jibri.conf

Hi @bbaldino

I finally did it! I defined the real OS path.

Another doubt. I use LDAP auth in my Jitsi. Can I recover the host user? Because I want to change my folder’s name with it.

Thank you!

I’m not sure I follow your question, but you can have the finalize script rename the recorded-file’s folder if thats what you mean?

Before I create a new transmission, I need to give my Ldap user and password. My doubt is, if it is possible to recover this ldap username in the