Filmstrip button in TOOLBAR_BUTTONS

What does filmstrip button in TOOLBAR_BUTTONS exactly do or where it appears?
I do not see any difference, either keeping it or removing it.

@kdd, The TOOLBAR_BUTTONS are reflected in the app’s UI when in a meeting. For example, if you remove sharedvideo then “Share a YouTube video” will be removed from the menu:

If you removed TOOLBAR_BUTTONS entirely, the meeting page would not load up (on the web).

This setting is part of interfaceConfig and that is not honored by the mobile apps. See [How to] How to customize meeting options for more details.

Thanks. However my concern is only about button named ‘filmstrip’
What does it do? If I keep it in TOOLBAR_BUTTONS or remove it has no affect on interface.

Don’t quote me, but I believe that feature has been deprecated. It used to launch a filmstrip only view, if I’m not mistaken. But I think the view has been removed.

Hum, button filmstrip is to be able to hide/show the filmstrip, a small triangle bottom right … I think, have to check it.

I think you are right