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Sorry Mikael,

I've no idea as to what might be causing the problem :(. Try redownloading the application ... not sure that would help you out though. Have you tried redetecting devices? Apart from that I've no ideas. Any else maybe?


Mikael Formanek wrote:


Ok, I'll try that again, this time all the files are in a zip file...

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Hi Emil!

The only device detected by JMF is JavaSound audio capture and as far as I
can understand, this is as it should be.
There are 2 machines, a redhat 9 machine as descibed in the previous mail,
and a win2003 machine, jdk 1.5.0 and jmf2.1.1e.

What happens is that this exception gets printed right before the login
screen appears (where I leave everything blank). Calls can be made and
received, but there is no sound at either end. On the linux end, I then get
a "failed to prefetch" error when the connection is being set up.
But if I specify a video file, neither error/exception occurs and sound and
video plays fine on both ends (no matter whether a video file is used on the
win machine or just mic capture is used).
This pretty much leads me to believe that it is the audio capture that is
screwing things up. Quite possibly it is a configuration problem of JMF, but
I really don't know what or how to solve it.

Any ideas are gratefully accepted!

I've attached the trace, the logs and the property file of the linux

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Hello Mikael,

Make sure ur devices are properly detected by JMF. U can do that from
sip-communicator itslef by clicking on the
Settings->Media Preferences

Let me know if this doesn't help

Mikael Formanek wrote:


Why am I getting the exception
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Illegal request to write non-integral
number of frames (22050 bytes )
at com.sun.media.sound.SimpleInputDevice.read(SimpleInputDevice.java:524)


at com.sun.media.util.LoopThread.run(LoopThread.java:135)

when starting sip-communicator?

This is on a redhat 9 machine, kernel 2.6.1, JMF 2.1.1e, JDK 1.4.2.

The exception only occurs when not using a file as media source. After a
look around it seems that this is a Java/jmf bug connected with the
capturing of audio, but I have been unable to find a solution. Does anyone
else have this problem? Solutions?


Mikael Formanek

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