File sharing using nextcloud

I know, this request already exists maybe a few hundret times. But I got something else to ask.

If someone has an idea of JS for the frontend and PHP for the backend, is it maybe possible to build a hybrid using Nextcloud maybe? Means: You click on a Button “Create share link”, participants receive the link and a password (the PHP script does the API call and returns the link and password).
Is this something which sounds realistic to implement - as a solution as long as Jitsi doesnt implement file sharing as a native option?


The following topic may help

Actually my request was not related to Jibri, I am trying to implement a solution to share files inside the meeting

Sorry, I misunderstood.

Haha no problem, I am just confused no one seemed to have tried that so far, so I just asked if theres anything I miss :smiley:

I would also hire someone to do this, just contact me