FFmpeg Configuration for High Quality recording

Hello guys, I was trying to adjust quality of my Jibri recording.

Heres my ffmpeg config :

 ffmpeg {
    resolution = "1920x1080"
    framerate = 30
    // Encoding speed to compression ratio (slower preset -> better compression)
    // Available presets: ultrafast, superfast, veryfast, faster, fast, medium,
    // slow, slower, veryslow, placebo
    video-encode-preset = "veryslow"
    queue-size = 4096
    streaming-max-bitrate = 2976
    h264-constant-rate-factor = 17
    audio-source = "alsa"
    audio-device = "plug:bsnoop"

I need video to be smooth and in high quality. Atleast 720p

Kindly help me

What is the question?

I want to increase quality of my jibri recordings. I heard I could do using FFmpeg but I dont know how to do that. (I’m new to FFMPEG)

The settings that you have should yield very high quality, but it will consume more resources.

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  • veryslow is not a good choice for this type of usage and it only affects the compression level, not the quality…

  • if the clients cannot send high quality videos, you cannot improve the quality by changing ffmpeg params

  • bitrate may be a limiting factor for some cases