Few to many architecture

I’m working on an online conferencing application where we are trying to get few-to-many live video. Something like a panel discussion where a host can pull in participants on a ad-hoc basis to participate in the video. The remainder of people only watching (and interacting through a custom chat that’s implemented separately). So, 2-10 people in a normal video call, with up to 200 people watching and potentially being roped in for a brief appearance.

Currently the application is using Jitsi for breakouts and I’d like to use Jitsi for this also if possible.

One way to implement this would be to use the iframe API, disable most UI elements for viewers and then switch them to participants out of band (each participant already has a websocket connection with the server for chat and other interactions).

Does this seem possible? Would it work for 200 people? Is there an easier way to do this or something that already does this?

The easier way is to stream the conference to Youtube Live using Jibri and the participants are watching and chating on Youtube

Thanks, if I understand correctly, Jibri would allow me a more scalable way for viewers to view, but I’d still need to create the process for getting people to join the video call?

Yes, Jibri will stream the conference to Youtube. The viewers will watch the conference via Youtube, not directly from your server.

Yes, you need a Jitsi server and a conference room for the active participants.