Few questions on for my job

hey guys, So i am looking at using jitsi and have a few questions to make up my mind if it will do the job or not

1, Can i have a multi feed that is clean with just panellist names and there display and then each panellist single feed this will be used as sources on OBS Studio also the ability to accept people who is on set panel

2, Can i create breakout rooms

3, Can the user limit be more i need around 150- 200 although alot of these will be watching / listening only i think i seen somewhere the limit is only 50

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Not absolutely certain I understand what you mean, but you can have participants show up in tile view, which displays all participants as thumbnails and you can also switch to Stage view where there’s one main participant shown and the others appear as a filmstrip on the side.

With the latest release, yes.

Yes, you can now host up to 500 participants in a meeting.

Thanks for that, thats amazing so for the first question what i am trying to do is live stream this so on OBS / Vmix i can have a scenes that has each panellist on there own then so there would be lets say 10 separate scenes then have a scene that has the Gallery view.

for example It would be something like zoom izo which generates individual video outputs of the participants in a Zoom Meeting / Webinar, allowing you to easily recomposite them inside of a vision mixer, switcher, or media server.