Few Questions About Adding Features to Jitsi Hosted on our server

  1. In my flutter app how can I force users/or maybe pass there name while joining meeting to set as there display name and not “fellow jitser”
    var options = JitsiMeetingOptions()
    …room = roomText.text
    …serverURL = serverUrl
    …subject = subjectText.text
    …userDisplayName = nameText.text
    …userEmail = emailText.text
    …iosAppBarRGBAColor = iosAppBarRGBAColor.text
    …audioOnly = isAudioOnly
    …audioMuted = isAudioMuted
    …videoMuted = isVideoMuted
    But its nor working.

  2. There is some sort of app bar in flutter in ongoing meeting call and its annoying how to get rid of that.

  3. How can I integrate a download attendance feature?

  4. How can I integrate a WhiteBoard Feature directly into ongoing call and not opening some 3rd party whiteboard into another tab?

  5. How can I Modify the chat interface to add file sharing, polling etc.

If anyone of you could consult me on this then i would be so glad and thank ful to you.

To Just let you know, This is not commercial and is for Institutional Use-Case
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