Feedback on new "This room is unsafe" message

Hello! Long-time user and fan. I maintain a software project that uses Jitsi Meet for our weekly community meeting. We just started to see this message when joining:


This assumes that we want a private meeting with only certain folks attending, but that’s not the case. It’s a public meeting that anyone is encouraged to join. We advertise the URL,, on our website. Yes, this leaves the door to potentially “unwanted participants”, but that’s true of any venue that is open to the public, like a cafe, or this Discourse. I wouldn’t call those places unsafe.

I’m concerned that new community members will be turned away by “this room name is unsafe” and the need to check “I understand the risks”. It sounds a bit like a TLS warning in a web browser (which organizations train their users to heed). I’d prefer that Jitsi Meet not display these messages. I suppose we could add some entropy to the meeting name, but is so nice, we’ve been using it for years.

Apologies if there’s another obvious fix that we’ve missed. Please treat this as constructive feedback. I appreciate this community building a FLOSS meeting solution!

You have a point. I’d thought this only appeared for the meeting host, but apparently, every participant gets the notification too. It used to just be on the meeting creation page (still is) and I think that’s perhaps still the best place to have it (maybe make it more prominent there). Let’s see if the Jitsi Team agrees - they’re very welcoming of opinions/suggestions.

It’s impossible to know if a room name is meant to be public or not, since the URL is all we have.

What you can do is disable it with a URL parameter and use some kind of URL shortener to make the URL cleaner.

Here is how you’d disable it: