Feedback for UI as an Deaf person and user

I’m deaf and use Jitsi few time for classroom, meeting. I wanted to open an topic to improve Jitsi software for deaf people and its UI design.

It will be difficult to describe situation without picture but i will do my best.

I had a online class on Jitsi : the teacher with 16 students and the interpreters.The interpreters translate the whole meeting in sign language, in video. So i need to follow interpreters video to understand the ongoing lesson.

The teacher shared his screen with the classroom. The problem is that i can’t see the interpreters and the shared screen at the same time. Either i follow the teacher video or the interpreters video. I can’t have both video side by side.

In gallery mode, the video of the teacher and the interpreter are both too small to follow.
When i follow the teacher video, the interpreter video is a small square icon on the right side bar, it’s too small. I can’t select both video.

So i found a workaround : i opened the jitsi link in 2 differents browsers (firefox, chromium) and put them side by side. It work well, you just have to mute one browser.

Another problem is that jitsi cutoff video when your connection is bad, i can’t understand anything through voice. I couldn’t deactivate the cutoff to see interpreters. An option would be great.

Another thing, i didn’t saw an option for closed caption. Why not imagining partnership with AVA for automated caption ?

Let’s dig a little the UI part :

-Raising hand (=conference feature for communication) and smileys (=people answer, reaction) should be separated, i often misclick on it.
-we can’t hide participants on the right side bar. (as i put both browser side by side, the right side bar eat a little the video)
-I didn’t find a way to send private message by typing participants name in the chat

and what i like :slight_smile:

-smiley are lively, reactive
-the popup when we write in the chat
-the video quality improved quite a lot the last time i used jitsi. It’s good.
-the UI is neat, clear and simple

I hope it will catch the developer’s attention and bring us new features, thank you for this software anyway :smiley:

And thank you all for reading my feedback :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum! :smiley:

I’ll try to address some of the points you raised.

This is true for now, but it’s one of the big changes we’re looking forward to this year. There are plans to give the UI a few more tile options, so you can have some tiles larger on screen while the others remain the size of the thumbnails. That way, in your use case, you can have the tiles of the screenshare and the interpreter larger on the screen. Your current workaround is the best solution for the moment though.

Yes, Jitsi prioritizes voice over video. This is however not just because there’s a preference for voice over video (and indeed for most people, there is), but because when the throughput (actual data transferred from source to destination) falls, it just may simply not be sufficient to transmit video. Audio however uses much less data, so there’s always a chance that audio can continue to be transmitted uninterrupted unless there’s a complete cutoff to internet access. Bandwidth and throughput are different. Available bandwidth could be sufficient, but throughput varies during a call, due to several reasons.

Jitsi does in fact offer closed captioning. This is not available in the free instance of Jitsi accessible at, but it can be aded as an option on or if you host your own server, you can install Jigasi for closed captioning. Closed captioning is not offered in the free version because the speech-to-text transcription is done by an outside service (Google) and that has to be paid for (Google charges per amount of data it has to transcribe).

The default action on clicking that icon is to ‘raise hand’; you would need to click on the side arrow to reveal the reactions panel. However, I see your point as to the tendency to misclick (I’ve experienced this too).

You actually can. If you look on the lower right-hand corner of your screen, you’ll see a small right-pointing arrow. If you click on that arrow, it will hide the filmstrip (displaying participants on the right side bar).

I think because users don’t need to be authenticated and Jitsi does not store user info, using @ to pull up a participant is not (currently) possible. Because there is no absolute requirement that every participant must have a display name in a meeting (this can be configured in a self-hosted instance), participants who do not select a display name will be assigned the default username (“Fellow Jitster”). So expectedly, in a meeting you can have multiple people being assigned that default name.

Hope this helps. Thanks for the awesome feedback and happy Jitsi-ing! :man_dancing:t5:

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Thank Freddie, very cool answer ! Then let’s wait the tiling option :slight_smile:

I will send the link of jitsi with closed caption to my teacher.

Good evening and have a nice week-end :slight_smile: