Feed Zoom audio to Jitsi

I’d love your suggestions on how to simplify my complicated set up…

I have a weekly meeting where one person invites me to a Jitsi audio meeting, and I invite a second person to a Zoom video meeting. All 3 of us are attending the same meeting.

The Jitsi person wants to record audio for his podcast and only wants to use Jitsi.
I want to record the video and audio for my Vlog.

Currently I set one device where all 3 of us are using Jitsi for the audio, with the speaker on.

On the second device I have 2 of us on Zoom (not the Jitsi person) with only my audio enabled. Because jitsi is playing on the speaker it gets picked up by my Zoom mike (but not great quality).

Any suggestions to somehow feed my Zoom meeting audio into the Jitsi microphone?