Fedora33 Install

Hi all, French newbie…Interested since…Loong-long time !
Distro hopper but i just avoid w$ & ubunt.
Is there a SIMPLE way to install client on f33 laptop ?
On Buster, its quite easy, on Arch…a bit less, open-Suse… !
Does any one have an idea ?
(I not coding & i’m not a dev !)
Cheers & best

You only need a browser on the client side. For example Chromium…

@emrah…Good morning…Not yet 7am in fr-FR…
Thanks for replie but i’m not using Chromium…
Still on FF82, Falkon, Midori…
I’ll keep on digging !
Thanks a lot & nice day

Bonjour @emrah, so i switched to f33 BUT i have nothing more or less close from W$…
So i’m “afraid” to say that i did not install Chrom.um browser !
On the other hand, i have F.F83, Ice cat, Falkon, Midori…Most of those with tweaks…
Maybe if i do little search on @, or just use dnfdragora ???
Might just work…
Thanks a lot.
Best to u & all

Firefox is OK

Test on https://meet.jit.si/fred-austin

Many thanks…
But will it work on FireFox… only ???

I only tested with Firefox and Chromium. No idea for the other browsers…