FEC / RED (for max audio quality in poor network conditions)

Under normal network conditions, the audio quality of Jitsi is superb

However, several of my users say that under poor network conditions, zoom works fine while jitsi breaks up horribly.

In searching the archives here, I found some discussions about FEC and RED from five years ago, but nothing more recent.

What is the current status of FEC or RED? And can we do anything on our side to maximize Jitsi audio quality in poor network conditions?

Thanks, Rick (OMatic)

There is this
I was interested in testing it but in the limited time I could dedicate to it I could never find a way to establish if there was a real

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improvement. If you have this opportunity and want to give back some free advice it would be welcome at least from me.

To enable it, you need to set

enableOpusRed: true,

in your config.js

and in jicofo.conf

    audio {
      isac-16000 {
        enabled = true
        pt = 103 
      isac-32000 {
        enabled = true
        pt = 104 
      opus {
        enabled = true
        pt = 111 
        minptime = 10
        use-inband-fec = true
        red {
          enabled = true
          pt = 112 
      telephone-event {
        enabled = true
        pt = 126 

Note that the jicofo.conf above is just the reference.conf changed to enable red (enabled=true under the red section). I don’t claim to understand it all.

As I said, I did not have the chance to test it seriously beyond the fact that it seemed to raise the sound bandwidth seen in the webrtc-internals so I think that it does something… BTW, as quite often bad connectivity is associated with low bandwidth, RED is not a silver bullet. You could have better sound but no more video…

I will have my team test it and let you know!