Features/base/participants is returning an object instead of array

Hi all,
I was using the following code to get the list of all participants in the meeting and it worked well in Jitsi-Meet 2.0.5765-1

const participantsList = APP.store.getState()['features/base/participants']; 
// returns an array of participants

But in the latest Jitsi-Meet 2.0.6726-1
The same line of code returns an Object as follows,


  "dominantSpeaker": "5c38d19d",

  "everyoneIsModerator": true,

  "fakeParticipants": {},

  "haveParticipantWithScreenSharingFeature": false,

  "local": {
    "connectionStatus": "interrupted",
    "dominantSpeaker": false,
    "email": "user1Email",
    "id": "68a4ceb7",
    "local": true,
    "name": "User1",
    "pinned": false,
    "role": "moderator",
    "micDeviceId": "2Ip+UBdvbHqee/B4GuTteGtn9DRAS9TspUt1C0R4/Uw=",
    "cameraDeviceId": "eQP+sZ5rYhb20JTTskqlfJxbMUUtxgF1HF2ZQD5Qdz0="
  "raisedHandsQueue": [],
  "remote": {},
  "sortedRemoteParticipants": {},
  "sortedRemoteScreenshares": {},
  "speakersList": {}

In both versions of Jitsi-Meet, I am accessing this in conference.js file.

Is this because of the new version or am I missing something? Thanks for the help

Yep, many things changed between 5765 and 6726. You should not rely on APP… for now, it is there because of some all code and torture but it can disappear at any moment.
You can use the iframe API IFrame API · Jitsi Meet Handbook