Feature request

First thanks for providing this service, which is really useful. I often use Jitsi Meet service to do language practice.

So now I have a feature request, though I understand that it might be implemented within a short period of time, or it may never be implemented. But that’s something I feel that’d be useful for my scenario.

My case is I use some language exchange apps. And sometime will talk to people (I do not know them in person but chatted several times on the internet) through Jitsi Meet. Many of those people are not technical users. So it’s nice that Jitsi Meet doesn’t require account creation. Now there is an issue. After deciding to practice language with a specific person (both side agree to practice language through Jitsi Meet), a room and a password then can be created and configured. Then with a password setup it requires to find a secure way to share password. Usually this is done by sharing email. But sometimes people do not want to share their email (which is understandable), and do not want to create a disposable email (it’s time consuming just for the purpose of practicing language exchange). So it would be good if there is some mechanism similar to OTP Authenticator that can share password between two participants securely.

Anyway I understand this might not be doable. But just a thought. And thank you again for creating this software and it’s open source!

Not sure if I’m missing something, but can’t you share your password with them via the same communication channel you’re already using? Unless it’s a forum where you can’t directly message people. In that case, you can change the password when you’re both already in the meeting so no one else can join. There’s also a lobby feature where you can choose who enters the meeting.