Feature request: single speaker assigned by moderator

In a debate, a room moderator should be able to select who spreads audio and who not. Not only by switching one by one mute condition but also by selecting only 1 participant to make all others mute.

In a meeting where participants need to listen the one having the speech shift, this can ease order and avoid background noises and voices.

More details about this proposed mode: On a room with 20 participants {A,B,C,D,ā€¦}, moderator can select ā€œAā€ to be the only speaker (maybe with video switch too). When a change is needed, moderator can select ā€œCā€ and any other participant become mute except ā€œCā€ that turns on microphone (and maybe video too).
OnlySpeakers = -1 // This mode disabled
OnlySpeakers = 0 // This mode as an option
OnlySpeakers = 1 // Single speaker
OnlySpeakers = 2 // 2 only speakers for a debate with quick replies: 3rd oldest to be muted
OnlySpeakers = 3 // 3 only speakers; 4th oldest to be muted.

Room moderators should be able to use microphone as will.

This feature can have the side-effect of saving bandwidth to everyone.

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