[Feature Request] Quickly Switch Among Screens to Share

When I do online seminars, sometimes I have to share more than one screen in total (but just one screen at a time), and I have to go back and forth between them. Currently that’s a bit of a hassle to do. You first have to stop the current screen sharing, and then find (again) the different screen to share. It’s a two-step process, with the second step taking a bit of time.

Here’s the features I would like to request:

  1. make it a one-step process — allow us to skip the stopping step and directly switch to a different screen (which you can do with Zoom), and
  2. make the second step semi-instant if you’re switching to a screen you have already shared — keep the history of the screens you have shared so you can switch back to any of them easily, ideally with a keyboard shortcut.

Thank you!


Not sure how we could solve 1 without making the common case worse. Right now we show the system screen picker directly, and since that window is not under our control (the browser does it) we cannot put a “stop” button there.

2 is not possible, browsers don’t allow you to do that.

Thanks for your quick reply, @saghul.

Jitsi Meet is aware if it is currently screen sharing, is it not? If it is, isn’t it possible to change its behavior when the screen share button is pressed (perhaps with a modifier key) while it is already sharing some screen, so that it will stop the on-going screen sharing and bring up the system screen picker in one go?

Yes, this is technically doable. But using a modifier key there is so non-obvious that it would negate any benefits IMHO.

Actually, it turned out that’s the behavior of the Sceen Share button in Zoom (without any modifier key). I would think they must have had a good reason to define the behavior that way. I certainly find it useful, and I am sure there are also many others who do. I am just a user, but I just hope you’ll consider implementing it.



As I said before, we have no control over the selection dialog, so we cannot give you the option to share another screen or cancel the sharing with one dialog. That’s what browsers do, if you have used the Zoom app that’s not comparable, since, for better or worse, it’s not a browser.