Feature Request: Mute notification in Chat

When someone mutes someone else, could there be a note dropped in chat? Something like [Moderator Jody muted User Fred at 17:49] or [Moderator Tony muted everyone at 19:37]

We’ve been running into the issue where people keep getting muted but nobody seems to know why or who did it. The working theory is that someone is muting them because of background noise, but we don’t always know if the muting party doesn’t say something when they do it. This would also help when someone gets muted but doesn’t realize it until they’ve been talking a while.

(If this is already a thing, or has already been discussed, my apologies. I didn’t see it by searching)

Thanks for keeping such a great program running!

You can open an issue in jitsi-meet repo for this feature request.
Any PRs for that are welcome, thank you.

There is already a notification in the UI.