Feature request: E2E Encryption - notification when a client doesn't support this

Hi, I use Jitsi via 8x8’s offering. I tried turning on E2E encryption in a 1 to 1 call and the other side only saw gibberish and no sound. On my side, I saw their video but sound was distorted.

Request: Could there be a warning inserted as a pop-up in case there is a client in the call that does not support E2E encryption? In this case, the moderator could choose whether to enable it anyway or not based on this new information.

Otherwise it becomes a trial and error which could be confusing to people.

Thank you!

I think this is a browser-level issue. There are browsers that support insertable streams and browsers that don’t. If you know which browsers don’t support, then you know not to turn on E2EE when you have participants using those browsers. The text in the dialog box warns about this too.

Yes that is what this feature request is about:

To detect when clients don’t support this feature and let me know so I don’t have to know and figure out what’s compatible and not.

It’s really not a long list to “figure out”.

No it’s not very difficult (for me). But it’s also not very user-friendly to have to go round-robin at the start of a meeting to confirm browser type and version. In fact, most people would think it silly to do so. So the end result is that I don’t enable this feature at all.

I hope the team can pick up this feature is it doesn’t seem too complicated to detect this automatically and issue a warning to the person trying to enable E2E encryption.