Feature Request: Dropdown for Jitsi servers

I sometimes use the default jitsi server.
I sometimes use my own jitsi server.
I sometimes use my friend’s jitsi server.
It would be nice to have a dropdown of my previous choices so that I don’t have to keep typing them in.

Also, in the list of recent conferences, have it track which ones used which servers. Right now, it lists “DontEatFuzzyAvocados”, “HeIsComingSoonYouBetterNotSleep”, and “PenguinsTasteLikeChicken”. What I’d like to see:

  • “DontEatFuzzyAvocados” (no server listed since it’s the default jitsi.org server)

  • “HeIsComingSoonYouBetterNotSleep on server1.example.domain” If I click this, it automatically selects the correct server (server1) and joins the conference.

  • “PenguinsTasteLikeChicken on server2.example.domain” Different conference on a different server.

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Do you mean on the mobile app, desktop app or web interface ?

Is this a desired feature when you create meetings only ? Can you provide a bit more context ?

On mobile (Android 9) when it’ s a different server it is shown.

Standalone apps (desktop and mobile devices) should have this functionality.

The web-only service doesn’t need this since the URL conveys the server information.

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Can you please file this as a feature request, using this form ?

It’s an important step towards decentralizing and encouraging Jitsi Meet self-hosting adoption. I’d love to see this implemented, it can get better traction and visibility from the Jitsi project devs there.

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Done. Submitted as #6871.
Thank you.