Feature request: Absolutely Simple Setup and Use for Non-Developers

Hello Experienced JITSI users and developers.

Nearly a year ago, I made my first attempt at downloading the Jitsi desktop jitsi-2.8.5426-x64.exe (no longer maintained, by my understanding, but discussed within Jitsi Community.)

I had been looking for a SKYPE alternative. SKYPE, for those who used it, once was a very user-friendly VoIP program and it was extremely simple to install and operate. If it was spying on the user, it at least did so in the background.

Of course, it was bought out and since then has become a great deal more demanding and invasive. My search for an alternative, as noted above, brought me to JITSI.

After downloading and installing the program, I was confronted with a settings menu which was not understandable to the non-developer.

Is it a feature that one must be a developer or experienced Linux user (I am also teaching myself Linux at this point) in order to use JITSI with a desktop?

Ideally, I would like to be able to install Jitsi on computers or cellphones,. and also, be able to forward a link to friends in the USA or overseas for them to be able to install JITSI on their devices and start to use it.

The key to it all is that it would have to be as simple as SKYPE to install and use, without the downsides of invasive SKYPE corporate policies.

Thanks in advance.

[We’ll see if this gets friendly and helpful responses, or simply asking the question is like Oliver Twist asking for More.]

Welcome to the forum.

Your tongue-n-cheek cap-off to your question is a bit off-putting, but I’ll try to answer your question as best as I can.

First of all, are you sure you’re looking for Jitsi Desktop (no longer maintained officially) or Jitsi-Meet (which has a desktop client as well as android and ios apps)? I ask because people sometimes confuse the two solutions. Jitsi desktop can be used with any XMPP or SIP server for secure texts, chat and video calls while Jitsi-Meet is a video conferencing platform.

If what you really want is Jitsi Desktop, then you will need to configure it to connect to your chosen XMPP or SIP server. Jitsi-Meet has more plug-and-play capabilities - just download the app (desktop, android of ios) and you can use it right away (you’ll be connecting on the free meet.jit.si instance). Jitsi meet offers end-to-end encryption so your communications are very secure. And the big driver of products under the Jitsi canopy is privacy, so you don’t have to deal with any invasive corporate policy. Unless you have very specific needs that can’t be addressed by Jitsi-Meet, I would strongly recommend using it instead, in your case.

I will try Jitsi-Meet.

Thanks for responding!