Feature addition-enhancement requirements in Jitsi

We have hosted Jitsi for public usage. But there is a request from the user to provide a few more features as a part of conference mode:

  1. Role-Based Privileges:

    • Moderator: All Privileges as administrator
    • Speaker: Privilege to mute/unmute a participant, share screen, upload the presentation
    • Participant: No privilege unless granted by a Moderator or Speaker
  2. Conference advance booking/reservations: A user wants to create a pre-named conference with a specified list of the speaker, moderator, guests and whoever is not in the list is a participant. Pre-defined user’s details will be stored on the creator account.

  3. Authentication: There is a need for dual checking of participant joining a conference. The participant needs to checked against already created users for the meeting(speakers, moderator, guests and other participants) when they join the conference/meeting and create roles as per information available.

  4. Conference Type: There is a need for conference type as -:

    • Close Conference: This type of conference has privileged conversation so only intended people should attend. For that Everyone should be authenticated either moderator or participant.

    • Open Conference: For an open conference, only moderator and speakers should be authenticated and others may or may not need the authentication and can join as a participant.

  5. For an open conference like classroom/multisession webinar, there is a need for features to switch the presenters.

  6. Also, there is a need to move users into different room after a common conference discussion. The moderator should have the right to select the user to move the users into predefined rooms.

  7. The room creation by a user should be checked against userID that it existing or it’s a new room to be created. There is a requirement to bind a room name with a unique ID so that same room name can be allocated to the different conference by the different user may at same or different time frame.

Please suggest the best way to proceed. Any guidance to look or any documentation etc would be a great help.

Basically what you are asking for is advanced management. This is a typical business requirement, not useful for basic meetings and it’s very unlikely to be ever added in full to the open source project. The open source project is a basis that can be used as is for simple meetings and basic organization needs, adding value for business is customization, with money involved.
If you post to the paid-work section you will be deluged with propositions (be aware that the main problem is maintenance).
If you want to do it yourself you will need to learn react. If you do it yourself the first big problem is learning react, and when you have nailed that the main problem is maintenance too :slight_smile:

Hi and thank you for all your tireless efforts.
We are using Jitsi Meet in our small company on Linux platform. The biggest problem currently we are facing is the small screen not staying on top when the main window is minimized or out of focus. On our few Mac computers though, this is not a problem and it stays on top of all windows. We would be very grateful if it were possible for you to address this bug in the next version.

Thank you very much.

Best Regards