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Hi, On the about page, What is Jitsi | About Video Conferencing Software, there is a Features section near the the bottom and one of the features listed is * Jitsi Videobridge passes everyone’s video and audio to all participants, rather than mixing them first."

For large conferences with many participants using both video and audio is not mixing the streams better? It would seem the passing everyone’s video and audio to all participants would exhaust the stream resource limit on most web browsers?
Thanks, Dennis

Mixing needs more CPU power and expensive machine on the server side. Check LastN

Then how can jitsi on the client side be scaled for large video conferences?

sorry, I will read up on LastN

LastN and simulcast is the answer. Only the one on screen is sent hd and rest are lowest resolution. If in tile view all are lowest resolution and there is the lastN switching videos for some people, new UI changes are coming where videos that are not watched are not forwarded to clients.

May I ask what do you mean by “…videos that are not watched…”? Would these otherwise be scrolled out of view? Thanks

Yes, those out of view.

May I ask approximately when those UI changes will be available in a release/