Failed to start Jibri Process

Yeah :’(
Its just ubuntu desktop 18.04
I dont know whether anything is wrong or not… But I tried many times to install jibri…

Ok, that’s not going to work. You already have an X server running, and Jibri runs its own and has certain expectations about the environment. For example, it expects the X server it spawns to the DISPLAY 0, but hat is currently taken by your own X server running Gnome.

I suggest you start over with a Ubuntu server installation.

is there any other way to solve this?
I am not familiar with x-server but is there any way I can do it in my machine?
Or can this x-server running is a result of some unnecessary things done when trying to install jitsi/jibri and can I stop this?
because I even tried in another pc in same network (So, I could connect) but it showed same type of problem,could not make jibri run… So now, I am really worried about jibri, beacause this feature is really important for my implementation point of view :worried:
:heart: Thanx in advance…

The X server is the thing that runs your graphic desktop environment, the DISPLAY 0 is your first graphical display (in Linux you can have more, hence the numbering).

So if you run a graphical environment Jibri won’t start, because it needs to run its own to make the recordings. Technically it may be possible to run it on Ubuntu Desktop (with stopped and/or tweaked GUI), but it’s technically a lot harder, so as @saghul suggested it’s better to start over with Ubuntu Server installation.

:’( ok… I will try later, but I figured many managed to run jibri on normal ubuntu installation… how did they? I am asking because a new installation would cost another new/unused pc
:heart: for the reply

If they installed jibri on Ubuntu desktop (not server) standard installation, I guess they stopped/deinstalled the graphic environment - display manager, xorg (X server).

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I mean will that be problem if I disable that too ?

No problem, if you use command line (as you won’t have graphical shell).
Frankly I haven’t used it that way, but it’s posible, depends on your linux-fu. Clean install will be easier, but it’s up to you.

god knows… now I am afraid of implementing it in my pc…
because if graphical interface is gone how could I even use my pc for other tasks or something else… I understand that Jibri installation is suitable for separate dedicated pc.Thanx
Can u suggest any mechanism for recording a meeting from only one desired person (like moderator) ?
I dont need everyone’s video to be shown… like a third party screen recorder for moderator or something suitable like that,which can be integrated with jitsi meet?
if not, is that possible to implement this if I use jitsi-meet library for development purpose?

Plz use Kazam on ubuntu/Mint. It just does what Jibri is suppose to do.