Failed to parse channel message as JSON

I’m getting a new error that I haven’t seen before when attempting to initialize a conference room (via lib-jitsi-meet):

Failed to parse channel message as JSON:
  "lastNEndpoints":[1e1968e6, 2c00a132],
  "conferenceEndpoints":[1e1968e6, 2c00a132],
SyntaxError: Unexpected token e in JSON at position 25

Clearly, the hexadecimal user IDs are not being wrapped in strings, and the JSON parse is failing. But how is it happening in the first place? Any places I should be looking for a type error on my part? Or is this a new bug?


This is a message that came from the server, right? What version of the bridge are you using?

Yes, this is from the server. I’m using as the server right now, so it’s whatever version of the bridge used there (perhaps there’s an easy way to look it up?).

Oh, interesting. Are you seeing this consistently? Is this a custom client?

Yes, seeing it consistently on a custom client (, but I suspect it’s something I’m doing because we’re in the middle of a refactor (and I’m not seeing this on our un-refactored production code).

I’m confused because even with a custom client, the JSON coming from the bridge there should be fine, but maybe it’s somewhere in the client’s handling of the data?

Turns out this is something on our side. Fix is in progress.

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Glad to hear you’re on it, thanks! In the meantime, this appears to be a reasonable interim workaround:

    conference = connection.initJitsiConference(conferenceId, {
      openBridgeChannel: false,

Fix went in here:

Not sure about your custom client, but in general not opening the bridge channel will cause some things to break.

Good to know, thanks! When does code (like the above fix) typically make its way to servers?

Usually every couple weeks, and we just did a release earlier this week. We’ve got some other important fixes going in this week, though, so there’s a chance it may be sooner.

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