Failed to open a room by using the old roomName after abnormally close the room

If I change to a new roomName like abc123, the room can be created successfully.
some data need to be cleaned? How to debug this issue? Thanks in advance.

Do you have third-party prosody plugins?
What is the version of prosody?

yes. I used mod_close_on_mod_leave.lua. this plugin will cause this issue?
prosody 0.11.8 Lua 5.2

You may temporary disable it. If it destroys the room while closing, this can cause the problem.

Oh, this is @shawn’s module. He can anwser this better than I can.

Got it. Thank you.

it is? don’t recall writing that :thinking:

maybe :laughing:. I think it was just a quick untested port of mod_token_owner_party because someone wanted only a subset of the features, and someone else had issues with kicking out participants so I replaced that with room destroy.

@Grey when you say failed, how does it fail? do you see any errors in prosody logs?

Also, how about if you replaced room:destroy(nil, "No owner left in room."); in the module with this:

Thank you guys. I will check