Failed to load module JitsiMeet

I am completely new to Jitsi and trying to get an iOS sample up and running. I create a new project in xcode, in terminal I run ‘pod init’ in directory, then edit the podfile to match the example shown, then run ‘pod install’ to install everything. I then open up the resulting ‘.xcworkspace’ file in xcode.
When I load up my AppDelegate file I go to the top and start typing import J, it then shows the JitsiMeet and I click on that so that it says ‘import JitsiMeet’ after a couple seconds I get the red error popping up on the side that shows “Failed to load module JitsiMeet”

I am not sure what I am doing wrong, I have created the podfile, ran the install, opened up the xcworkspace file, it shows JitsiMeet in autocomplete when typing out the import line, but it won’t build and it just keeps failing saying “Failed to load module JitsiMeet” I can’t even run the github sample code for the exact same reason. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Did you found out any solution

Nope, nothing I do seems to help at all. I am going to try downgrading my version of xcode from 11 to 10 and see if that helps

I think I found the root problem, just no idea how to fix it. Any time I try to build a project after including the JitsiMeetSDK with cocoapods I get 11 errors, things like “PiPViewCoordinator is not a member type of JitsiMeet”

Hi I was able to make it work on xocde 11.3.

Please find below my SO answer link Here

I think that might be my issue. I can’t upgrade my xcode to anything over 11. All updates after 11 require mac os 10.15 and my company won’t allow us to update our mac os to 10.15 yet, so I am stuck on 10.14. I think I will try building it from scratch with my lower version of xcode and see if that will work. Thank you