Failed to install Jitsi server on Raspberry Pi 4

Hi, Greetings to all forum members!
I’m new here…

I wanted to install a Jitsi Meet server on a Raspberry Pi 4 / 64bit / 8MB RAM / 128GB SDcard / RaspiOS, and failed. I searched the internet for some installation guides and found some, but they differ one from the other in details and none of them did work. On my search I found this forum.

Want to ask now, is there anywhere or does someone know a reliable and working installation guide for Jitsi Meet Server on a Raspberry Pi 4? In a first step I want to make it work in my LAN / WLAN for testing and collecting experiences. In the next step I want to connect the Raspi to some DynDNS or similar service via internet, for ‘normal’ access by the public internet, for private talking with friends and relatives, 2-4 participants at a time, no big requirement of capacity. The main thing that should work is the audio and video connection to talk/hear/see each other.

I would be happy and thankful for some starting aid!

Hello, I used this guide and a working Jitsi server. Unfortunately, the server does not work after updating to the current version. I have the Jist version with a blue screen.
Jitsi Meet Server and Videobridge Installation on Raspberry Pi 4 with Ubuntu Server 20.04 · GitHub