Failed to create audio and video track ,when trying to launch jitsi

Getting this error, failed to create audio ,video tarck ,when try to launch application

What is your environment like? What browser? What’s the JS console output?

Enviroment is .Net framework ,I am integrating it inside a application which is build in .Net ,browser is chrome ,and error is

Logger.js:125 [react/features/base/tracks/functions.js] <>: Failed to create local tracks (2) [“audio”, “video”] a {gum: {…}, name: “gum.not_found”, message: “Requested device(s) was/were not found: audio, video”, stack: “Error↵ at new a (…174/libs/lib-jitsi-meet.min.js?v=3395.174:6:96086”}

So you are using the iframe API on an embedded browser window? Are you setting any audio devices? Does any other WebRTC service such as work on that environment?

Earlier,I was using Iframe API,it dos not work, ,now I am opening it in a iframe link in chrome browser,but only able to access Camera,Microphone permisiion not allowed.issue with this thing,I already set allow config in iframe for microphone and camera.

Apprtc not working in this enviroment .
got same error.Failed to get access for local media.

Looks like something is not ok in that environment. Is it CEF by any chance? I’m not sure if it implements all WebRTC things.

what is cef ?,and how can i check is it implement webrtc ?

CEF is the Chrome Embedded Framework.

I’d say the first step to solving this problem is for you to gather more information about the platform you are running on. What is this embedded Chrome thing you are using and what Chrome version is it?